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"I Expand My Horizons"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Welcome to My World

Hi, I'm Lesley and I thought I'd begin to expand my words by way of blogging. My main work nowadays is guiding people through uncertainty, grief, or trauma and also helping with confirmation and guidance for future plans and designs for business or personal life and ventures. Using years of a spiritual energy practice, personally and professionally my psychic, medium, or tarot reading abilities and skills are utilised to assist with assisting people and animals to become their own healers and guide them through the most challenging parts of their journeys. Connecting, discovering, and trusting your intuition is trusting yourself and that is "powerful" as you'll be learning your own personal signals and deciphering them which will be enhanced by the processes of healing self.


This blog has come about because I've been drawn and asked to share my experiences about how I do it and my perspective about what has come up recently or in the past to share universally because I have noticed for some time now that I tend to go through things that I almost immediately need to share with clients after going through it or something similar recently or I have had messages come up that are needing to be shared with many people. Unfortunately, I have been procrastinating with writing these blogs. Something has shifted and I am now able to do so with a natural sense of flow. There are many factors as to why I haven't and couldn't and some, even myself in the earlier years would've said you're just making an excuse, and to some degree yes, however in other ways no. It's taken a while for me to hear and fully allow myself to just write and do it without holding back and that in some ways the world is ready for it and so am I to just do it.


One of those sayings "I got out of my own way" ... laugh out loud .... how many of you know that one :-). Having given myself permission to let myself grow by doing some in-depth clearing that exposed a nugget of gold that I hadn't been able to get to the nitty gritty of it in order to fully bloom. This episode I shall call it is about the 'expansion' of self, of growth, of movement, of change in some areas that will definitely have a ripple effect. And that's the gist of what these blogs will be about, me sharing healing guidance, tips, and stories that might be mine or someone who has given me permission to share but shall remain anonymous. Basically, if I'm guided to write about something I will as it will probably make sense to some. As always just take what resonates.

So, I'm going to begin here as this is very pertinent to the expansion theme.

Ready for Expansion? Preparing for Expansion? Prepared for Expansion?

What the tarot has to share.

“I Expand My Horizons”

This is a tarot card I drew from the Starman Tarot deck. Before I wrote this and it flowed with the theme of action and change.

The Three of Wands let's know it's time to begin taking your ideas, plans, and or projects whether they're personal or business.

To dream about them/it isn't going to bring them/it to fruition. We can look yonder but it takes some type of action to move toward them and create a flow of energy that opens the next portal or vision that expands our horizons.

Next level Journey begins

This year so far has taken me on a journey next level in that I've found a balance between me being in control and letting myself go with the flow too in my personal and business life.

Expanding horizons often, for me anyway, meant taking too much time preparing and not enough actual doing, but nowadays way less. This is a cycle I’ve been breaking throughout my life and it still pops in now and then especially when I’m going to be something totally new, and or being presented with a challenge I’m familiar with again pops up and brings up stuff can throw me out of my comfort zone. It’s comfortable. Laugh out loud. But I’m going to go and be uncomfortable because I know it’s going to allow me to create growth, and expansion within and without me.

Step out of the comfortable zone

The comfortable is limiting and there’s not a lot of room for expansion or growth. You know that feeling when all parts of your mind, body, spirit, or soul communicate to you or scream to you to do something about it?

You’ve probably noticed but if you haven‘t yet that when you get a bit comfortable you naturally begin to get bored, restless, have itchy feet, curious, unhappy in life, and ponder, which can lead to anger, frustration, depression, or anxiety, low energy levels or distracted, procrastinate and so on. These are all signs you’re required to make changes of some sort which could be within or externally of yourself. Take steps to research information about what you're wanting to do whether it be an exercise program, study at a university or similar, dating, beginning a side hustle or hobby business, building a home, going for a home loan, creating art, applying for the new job and so on ....

Get out of your way

Whatever it is it’s time to stop resisting and get started! We can prepare all we want but unless we act with what we’re preparing we’ll never know how it would work out. What needs tweaking in presenting it, setting up, what can I change, what can I improve on, what were the highlights and what were the low lights, where I need to pay attention, upskilling, raising the bar .... whatever the learning is in my view it’s exciting. I used to get so down on myself when some things didn’t work out and make it about the whole shebang but it wasn’t it was only in a few areas. Even if I was and am nowadays pretty happy with how it turned out there’s usually something I’ll see that could do with a tweak but it’s generally because things change and grow so it stands to reason there’s tweaking, upgrading, updating, and so on to suit .... and it’s preparing for managing the possibilities for the future .... whatever????

Let’s take a look at what might going on.

Is resistance your enemy? It's likely that is. Is your mind-chattering brain giving you all the excuses under the sun, transparent self-justification, alibis, or a million reasons why you shouldn’t, couldn’t, can’t, that you won’t do what you know you need to do?

Often there are underlying situations or experiences that are intertwined with some of the reasons we let all the above excuses and reasons get in our way from breaking through the lies we tell ourselves or have been influenced to believe without even realising it.

Is it because it requires

· Discipline?

· Change - In the too-hard basket what needs to change with habits? Or routines?

· Organising – is it about that or is it how or why you’ve scheduled things in the way have, or reasons?

· Feel like you have to give something up?

· Scared you’re going to be spreading your energy thinly? Work and or home. Do you feel have too much on your plate? What can you delegate?

· Scared you’ll miss out on something

· Learn new things

. Subconscious beliefs, patterns, or learned ones that are unnoticed could be in the way and likely connected to the above mentioned

Ultimately, remember you’re the “boss’ of your life and how you want it to be. It does take purposeful effort, energy, thinking, and awareness to change.

Kicking sabotage to the curb

Let’s begin here ... schedule some quality me time? – this is a time or space that you have chosen for you not because you thinking or being influenced by, or feeling obligated to include. Make this time purposeful in that you know specifically why you are taking time out – to journal, set goals, dreams, or achievements, rest, set or reset, observe surroundings and your awareness, and so on... and take a look at what is relative to the possible and or definite resistance markers are for you.

You're going to have to have a holistic view to manage and maintain your growth slash expansion as it's going to get you to look at things that are required for growth and expansion. The sooner, you get your head around it things will run smoother. Taking time out to review, meditate, self-observation aka mindfulness, and awareness will help too. It's all part of self care as much as physical body movements like food consumption and the air we breathe, especially through processing times are part of maintenance and management for consistent momentum. Once you get going it's important to create balance and observe your responses or reactions to yourself and others.

Most of the time we know where and what we're wanting to achieve but the beginning section of the journey at times is to let the unknown not halt you from what the in-between, which is what eludes us of the steps and energy or effort to achieve the desired outcome. There are so many possibilities between the beginning and the outcome/s that could be just as good or better than we think so keep an open mind and an open heart.

Maintaining Momentum

There are times in a process we need a little bit of help and other times alot depending on the nature of interferences and blocks or sabotage. If you’re wanting shift or become clearer about breaking a pattern or cycle that can help with your momentum and enthusiasm then give me a call, email or leave me a message on my FB page and I’ll have a chat about what I do that can help with your transformation.

I have reading and healing services that can be purchased singularly or in packages that are available 1-1, a group as in classes and workshops that are available in person or online will be able to assist through the process of release, alignment, and management. Check out my website for more details about the services I offer.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what I do please email me at or leave a comment :-)

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