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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 21

Well, this is number 21 of the 21 days of meditations. I've worded it this way because even though we've got to the 21st meditation it's the beginning of a new journey of self-lead exploration and continuation in your self-care regime of living a life of all-around wellness.

Happiness is something that is up to us to figure out for ourselves. Our perception of happiness is something perceived generally from our life experiences. Generally, when we step out of alignment with what we know deep down within is not in alignment with our higher knowing and being is when we can feel stuck or trapped, emotional, and or physically unwell. I remember when I first began meditating nearly 30 years ago, I was making a decision that I knew would bring about some, for me, catastrophic changes. This tool helped me find the courage to choose happiness. But I have also utilised meditation for happier times when preparing myself for the day or just because I feel like being in a sitting, being in a quiet space and being in the grace of spirit. Other times it might be about a project, idea or course that I've been drawn to explore sharing with people. Enjoy, embrace, and explore meditations.

In the near future, there is a channelled meditation series that I will be offering. Keep an eye out for those. I'm feeling very excited and nervous about launching the program /course but so looking forward to it.

Adventure and Excitement

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