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A Mystical Portal

Inspiring Spirit, Body, Mind of the Soul

Welcome to an Adventure of Connecting and Discovering

Your Potential through gaining more

 Trust, Faith, Hope, Grace, Holiness, Love, Joy 

in Yourself, in Your Life

Hello,  Thank you for calling in and checking out what I have to offer you :-)

Practicing professionally began 30 years ago for me. In my early childhood years, I was unknowingly communicating with spirit until later in life as a teenager I started to realise what was happening. As I got older my intuition and psychic side became more noticeable and were very handy in all sorts of situations in my life. It wasn't until I was 30 years of age did I begin to explore learning how to enhance and understand my abilities and enhance them. It's been a fascinating and exciting time of learning about communicating with the unseen or spirit world but also opened my world up with my personal growth.  

In The Grace of Spirit has evolved from initially being graced to being in the presence of such amazing energy being and also being in gratitude with the spirit of giving and receiving with joy. It is still that and also in the knowing of God's energy is present as with Jesus who answered my prayers that expanded my scope with my senses 

Going within is where we begin to connect and discover those parts of us, the inner knowledge, wisdom, strength, and courage that will help us move through the uncomfortable things and let them go through forgiveness in the frequency of love. And in doing so allowing the illusion to become dysfunctional that the emotional and mental disharmony fades to disappear.  


Whether you come for a reading, energy, or body alignment my role is to channel and draw on my wisdom, knowledge, skill, and abilities to guide you with confirmation, direction, encouragement, possibilities, and guidance to click into trusting you again, having faith in you, hope, aligned with the vibration of love and joy,  through unlearning the suppressive, depressive, historical illusional teachings that have sabotaged the use of our God-given intuitive abilities and senses we all have innately there to activate and utilise that is as natural as a baby knows to suckle from their mother's breast after birthing.


  My guidance, knowledge, and wisdom come from my Guides and Tūpuna who also guided me to study Natural Therapies and Homeopathy, Research, Practice, and Experiences both human and spiritual, Energy healing, Art Therapy, Massage, and Reiki & Seichem, as with the past thirty plus years and experience in helping people connect, discover and utilise their intuition like we naturally breathe. My Rongoā training derives from direct guidance from  tūpuna with mirimiri, whitiwhiti kōrero and mahi wairua. I am intuitively guided with how I can best support you through your processing period of change, updates, activations, and transmissions leading to more trust, faith, hope, and grace on your empowerment mission living your version of your best life. 



I am a psychic medium who is able to use all my senses to guide you and support My range of abilities and skills are also helpful for those times when evaluating options or you are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career, love life, or next holiday destination, I can help you choose the best route.

Explore my site, have a look at the services I offer, and let's chat.

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A Unique Psychic Medium

Kia ora, Hello, I am Lesley and I live in a little town called Ngāruawāhia in New Zealand. I am Māori, an indigenous woman of New Zealand, and I also have Irish and Scottish ancestry too.


I believe all people can improve and grow their lives, all that is needed is the ability, the will, knowledge and guidance of how to harness our energy.

It was in 1998 I answered a call from my Tuupuna, Ancestors, God, Jesus, and Archangels to seek within to improve and develop my natural abilities as a spiritual communicator. And so I did.  It wasn't until 2000  that I embarked on other guided learning journeys to extend what Wairua, Spirit taught me.  Hence providing me with an extensive range of learning about energy and bodywork.  The services I offer may include a blend of  Psychic Medium, Tarot or Oracle cards,  Intuitive spiritual or multidimensional energy clearing or balancing, Rongoā Māori,  Spiritual Development Courses, Wellbeing Workshops, or Mentoring services.


I specialise in guiding people with  “Healing the Past, In the Now, for the Future”. We work towards igniting the light and spirit within opening up the happiness in all areas of life that is possible for us all.


I enjoy helping people with the services I offer, guiding them in harnessing their energy, working through blocks, and becoming all they want to be.  

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A whakatauki, poem that came to many years ago ... 


When I make the time to be still

I find my answers within

When I explore and interact with them

all of 'me' smiles and grins

I am grateful for my interconnectedness and the essence of me that allows me to listen and move 

to meet with my answers that come from within

and once again I am where, I know, I am meant to be ....

because ....

When I make the time to be still

I find my answers within ...

Lesley Ormsby@inthegraceofspirit

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