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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 20

This meditation is very interesting in that I intuitively selected the meditations several weeks ago and yesterday I was discussing with another fellow energy aligner, recorder about "vision". The physical 'seeing' and the spiritual 'seeing' depending on what is or has been experienced in life through trauma, emotions, perceptions, patterns, habits or beliefs to mention a few can have an effect on our eyesight physically or spiritually.

This is our second to last meditation in this series. I hope you have seen, noticed, and found a benefit in meditating if you are new to this, you are someone who has rekindled yourself into meditating, or someone who meditates regularly anyway, I hope you continue to explore meditation daily. Whether it be a walking meditation being fully present in your purpose of doing your walking meditation like taking notice of the fauna and flora, their colours and textures, the sounds around you that you can hear while walking like the leaves rustling, a bird chirping or laughter in the distance the sound of the ground you tread and smells and so on. Regular meditation helps us to be more present with what is actually going on with ourselves. This time allows us to scan our body to notice if and or where any kinks are, what our thoughts are floating or running around in the mind, how we are feeling and where we are feeling it etc ...... so we can get a better more honest and all-round "view" of what is being processed at the time. Which could be for preparing for a sports game, speaking to a crowd, or like for me preparing for not only my personal day but also my working day and winding down at the end of the day for both too. Sitting in prayer is also a form of meditation. Enjoy your time with you then it won't be looked at as a chore. Use meditation as your distraction tool instead of scrolling through social media or any other distractions it may be for you.

Much Love and Peace from the Council of Universal Beings, The Trinity & Me

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