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Helpful tip 2: Preparing to Benefit from Full Moon Energy

There are many ways to manifest while in Full Moon energy. My intention is to give a basic idea of making the most of the Full Moon energy in manifesting through my own experiences and learning. Hopefully, it may inspire you to take it a step further and explore deeper for yourself if you're new to this form of manifesting or utilising the Moon's energies in this way or in your own culture.

Meditation gives us an opportunity to Being Still to Becoming Aware of ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, the environment surrounding us and the affections and impressions of self in the environment and the environment with self.

The energy surrounding the Full Moon is incredible in terms of manifestation, especially around things you have been working on for the last six or seven months possibly longer or shorter for some people.

Intentions for Full Moon Manifesting

If you haven’t written down or pondered about what you’re wanting to manifest from your journaling that’s okay. Sometimes it may become clear just before you commit to the ‘intention setting time or ceremonial time’.

An intention could be anything from being kinder to self in the way that you speak to yourself or think about or compare yourself, self-care, honouring self with boundaries, learning something new, making an effort with something or someone, releasing a habit that no longer serves, be on time, researching more about a new career, be consistent with mowing the lawns, it may be that you want to get a better life balance ….

Setting Your Intention

There are many ways of setting your intentions with the Full Moon or New Moon that go back centuries with our Ancestors and many Cultures. Some people prefer setting intentions in a group together working collectively with worldly intentions for the world as well as their personal intentions. How cool is that? And some people are happy to do their own private personal one.

Just as cool though is once you have your intentions and write them down on paper, even it’s just one to focus on, sign and date as you make a pact with the Universe. You can have your own private ritual which could be lighting a candle, meditating and or with the use of crystals or a very simple but still powerful ritual, sitting or standing in the moonlight moon saying out loud or in mind your prayer or words – conversation – expressing your intentions to the universe.

There are many ways to perform Full Moon rituals.

For me I just keep it simple …so don’t overthink it … just make do with what you have got around … that’s you, your intention and your willingness to create change is what it's all about … the universe knows that ... from there it’s aligning with your intention with the prompts through intuition, signs and symbols.

So, I chop and change depending on how I’m feeling or where I am usually, I will meditate for a short while and focus on myself being in gratitude and calm heart and mind centred energy. I usually light either sage or maybe an incense and or palo santo burning to cleanse and bless my environment and then I release my intentions.

Other times, I’ll write it down and date and send it out to the universe before I go to sleep. Setting intentions before sleep is powerful. It’s like it gets you ready to wake up tomorrow feeling a little lighter and ready to take on life!

Always relax and have fun with it because that sort of vibe will certainly be positive energy as you cast out your intentions with your manifestations. 😎😍

Peace and Love

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