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Helpful preparation Tip 1 to make full use of the Full Moon Energy for Manifesting. Clearing the way

Sometimes we can become 'busy' and let things slip to the side and fill that dedicated time with something else. Journaling has been a for me a hot topic to become more consistent with it again. Like daily not every second day or do a weekly wrap up of the week. I mean it's better than nothing, right and it is .... but I notice a difference when I am more consistent. Even if it's a word or two or an affirmation or sentence that sums up how I have felt through the day, or one thing I am happy with or achieved or didn't and why and be okay with it. It's one thing we can do to be there for ourselves. Anyway, back to the Full Moon ....

.... With the full moon coming up this Friday 18th of March 2022 it would be good to get yourself primed in a calm and centred space for those manifestations you’re thinking about bringing into alignment. Taking a look at what is possibly, probably or potential hinders from fruition. So, let’s begin clearing the way to opening space for this to happen.

Here’s what I like to do begin ideally a week before in preparation. However, if it’s the day before that’s okay. But consciously decluttering emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually allows for you to be more believing and at peace with what you’re wanting to bring into your being, your life, your adventures you will more likely align yourself. For me, this process begins quite naturally and then I realise what the date is and I’m like okay that makes sense and carry on.


It’s a great way to declutter, process and gains ideas and aha moments or hours lol. If you’re not already it’s a brilliant tool or habit to begin daily because it’s a great mind dump especially if you keep the likes of lists in there or any junk that is outdated or garbage that needs to go. If you something on your mind but can’t see the thought rubbish, distractions, emotion for example. Journalling can help separate the truth from the story one tell ourselves and get to the truth or the lies we can blind ourselves with.

It also helps with actually seeing and bringing to your attention how much garbage that may be running through your mind that serves you no purpose at all. Like self-sabotage. So therefore fully noted, laugh out loud, what needs to be shifted. Whether you journal consistently or only around this time by taking ourselves to deep dive into questions, we may unroot some hindering beliefs, that help ourselves get to the bottom of some self-esteem and self-sabotage issues.

By the time we get to the day of the full moon, you’ll likely have acknowledged and or released enough or all of what needs to go at this time so you can be more in alignment energetically with that which you want to manifest or magnetise maybe how you see it.

This process can help narrow it down or bring forward that which you haven’t considered thinking about what may be blocking and or clarify what is you do actually want to manifest and how that can happen.

Journaling is great to look back to reflect and see how far you have travelled in all areas of life. Whether you journal solely for moon manifestations or daily self-exploration through journaling can help us to identify something/s we no longer wish to carry and remember this could be the opposite. All endings aren't necessarily doom and gloom. It could be that you have procrastinated with painting the house and now you're going to manifest the time to do that with ease and grace the time will be available but you may be working with say organisation or time management for example... The Full Moon energies will help guide our way to letting go. All we have to do is set an intention, be open to the guidance usually of inspired action that tends to show up under the lunar vibrations.

Then when you get to the full moon ceremony if you do one or even if it’s taking some consciously put aside time to release what doesn’t serve and then cast out verbally or in mind your desires with the intention of its a success, being open to something just as good or better, and guidance along the way.

We can get into this last part it a bit more in my next blog later this week to tie in with this Full Moon energy.

Be mindful of what influences are around that could be distracting

There are a lot of fluctuating energy peaks and lows this month of March and also in April. Even with no planets in retrograde there are still going to be challenges and changes to stimulate evolvement. Yay! I say yay because there is movement and growth and that’s a good thing ... if we let it be ... or see it be that ... even through the difficult or challenging times whether they be emotional or lowered energy levels. So, we might as well utilise these energy peaks like when the full moon’s energy is lingering about to aid us while we’re walking on this earth.

We still have, even though sometimes, you may see it or feel like this, we have an opportunity to get some traction and movement with ideas, projects, plans etc evolving, personally, career, work, family, relationships, spiritually whatever is going on for you 😊 even with “stuff” coming up that’s probably going to bring about more shifting, loosening up, changes, challenges as you manoeuvre your way through, around, under, over as you navigate the journey. You’ll look back later and see that you are magnificent and your abilities awe you once again.

Much Love and Amazing Magical Magnetising :-)

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