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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 9

This is another great morning meditation to begin the day with if you're more of a morning meditator. Even though these are said to be for the morning I've listened to these in the evening sometimes, especially if I know the following day is likely to be full-on. It gets me ready for the next day and I have a great sleep too because I'm not over-thinking or barely thinking about stuff I don't really need to because I'm more prepared within my mindset knowing whatever happens there is a solution. And of course, everything will flow with grace and ease.

I'm also working on my morning routine lately as I let myself form some unhelpful habits with some changes a little while ago that I needed to adapt but I held them a little longer than required :-). However, I've been working on them these past few months intentionally" and these types of morning meditations have helped tremendously to create the shifts for my vision.

Peace and Love Lesley

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