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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into Your Daily Ritual Day 2

How did you go with the first one? Whether you spent the whole time being present with it or 5 minutes that's wonderful :-) Thank "you" for giving yourself some time for yourself.

This is a guided one I came across a few months ago and is one that I have shared with some clients to add to their tool kit and hopefully assist in bringing about some balance for them.

Whether you see yourself as an empath or not this meditation could be helpful and or enlightening in a few ways.

There was a time in my life that required me to really "look inside" or 'go within', to be still in mind, body, and spirit so I could honour what my soul was begging me to follow its guidance ... I'm so glad I followed God's breadcrumb-like trail to meditating. Practising meditation has helped me tremendously to manage the 'empath' in me. When I consciously began exploring my curiosity lead me to discover other styles, cultures and their ways and reasons. I began to understand how much better I could become at it and witness the impacts of the benefits I would receive in my life. Put it this way I'm a better functioning person when I regularly meditate. Taking time and exploring was a major addition to my already natural style of meditation :-)

Just so you know .... do not worry about clearing your mind. Lots of people think meditation is about clearing your mind or stopping all thoughts. It is not. This can sometimes happen, but this is not the goal of meditation. It can happen more often with regular practice. Also, take into account what might going on in your life at differing times. If you have thoughts, that is normal because we all do. Eventually, you'll get better at not noticing them so much or letting them get in the way. Practice bringing your attention back to your centre, your heart space and breathe.

This practice is about getting to yourself, not just about focussing your attention. It's about how your mind works. Like, what is going on in there? By watching your mind wander you can begin to understand yourself when you're getting frustrated or avoid certain feelings or thoughts. We're often running around in our busyness we can just put 'stuff' aside without dealing with it or at least acknowledging it and can the pile of thoughts and feelings can get a bit discombobulating and or claustrophobic in mind and affecting our energy.

If you haven't thought about it already, starting a journal would be a great tool too! We'll go into that tomorrow.


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