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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 17

There are times our energy can absorb a sense of lack from outside influences that could be happening in the world, the community or family members of long ago and or recent experiences and situations. Manifestation may not always necessarily be specifically about money. It can be for other things or experiences. My point is that even though this meditation reads 'for money ' think outside of that space if it's not where you're at, at this is at this time. this could be something that is recurring or a famine or feast pattern.

Have a wee think about what is that you are manifesting as it may require money in the background which could still be worth bringing into the forefront to explore, meaning even though you may manifesting a new car and be mindful of thoughts popping in like 'I don't how I'm going to get the money for that" with highly doubtful thinking behind it or "that may never happen". So be mindful that you don't cancel your positive intention and feelings out by saying or thinking doubtful about the financial side of manifestation. This is a good example of guided meditation to assist with reframing your thoughts and feelings and address some possible hurdles or blockages that be in the way of your abundance and prosperity sometimes.

Creation and Prosperity with Excitement :-)

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