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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 16

Our intuition is an innate part of us that many are not fully utilising. By that, I mean not actually actioning the guidance received. This may be because of a lack of trust, recognition or acceptance to even know what that could look or feel like.

For many the doubt, disconnect, lack of trust comes from a disallowance while growing in our human life to allow our inner knowing to guide us and share with us the creative and secrets and mysteries of ourselves that lie within.

Even though I'm always in this spiritual space I still like to experience what others have to offer in this way. This is one of the many meditations I have spent time sitting within when I feel like having a change or guided to do something different from being present with my Guides, God or Jesus, the Angels or another light-bearing Deity in meditation.

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