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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 15

New Beginnings are always occurring? ... some would say that's a load of crock because they may be feeling stuck or things don't work out while others will have a differing outlook. Why? Because we all have different and sometimes similar but different views, feelings, and attitudes formed from a different lifestyle in upbringing, trauma, and experiences for instance.

New beginnings may not always be rosy or happy in the beginning but if we let ourselves see things with a positive mindset. Some may begin with sadness and other times a mixed bag of emotions. New beginnings could mean a shift in a range of many ways. The way you cook, something, the way that you communicate with people, learn, approach life to a new career, partner or baby coming into the world. New beginnings are opportunities that can lead us to a fulfilling, functional, harmonious, loving bringing about a sense of peace and so much more when we allow ourselves to explore the good the bad and the ugly.

This is a beautiful meditation I have come across ... to help settle, reflect, review and ????

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