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21 Days of Meditation to Bring the Habit into your Daily Ritual Day 12

Enjoy basking in the angelic realms and gentle and vibrant energy as you prepare for powerful ventures moving closer to the full moon this month. You may be feeling the energy of expansion and wanting to move on with some areas of life with it. This expansion could be in the form of making some decisions to make a move or change or begin a new regime or setting intentions. It makes sense to utilise this energy moving toward the full moon to heal and address what is getting in the way of your intentions and manifestations.

But remember we can set our intentions and manifestations anytime. Meditation can help to get you into the feeling of great positive vibes setting you up for when you consciously speak, write, draw or say in your mind what you want to do, be, give, or have in your life.

Prosperity and Love

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